Educational Seminars Merchant Account understands the struggles educational seminar and conference companies’ face in the online banking world. Often times obtaining a merchant account can be difficult due to the combination of high ticket transactions and high chargeback risk. No worries. We can show you how to traverse these waters.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve develop tight knit relationships with reputable and rock solid banking partners. Many of them are more than willing to provide you a merchant account with competitive low rates and even bump up your processing ceiling when needed. In addition, we have a sleek modern payment gateway on standby ready to take on your processing. Not to mention, the most advance fraud prevention tools in the industry at your fingertips to keep your account running healthy of years to come.

After all, our goal is to be your payment processing Sherpa. Our expert experienced team can help you manage your merchant accounts and gateway processing. That way, you’re free to focus on the most important aspects of your business and climb to the top of your industry. Why stress out about your e-commerce trivialities when we can take on the load for you.

Let’s get you connected.

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Full-Service Provider for Educational Seminars offers a full suite of online payment processing solutions designed to maximize revenues for your business. We are high-risk experts, and are eager to impress you with the best service in the industry. Contact us today!