Collection Agency Merchant Account


We understand the challenges you face when trying to find a merchant account solution for a business that accepts high ticket value transactions with a relatively high probability for chargebacks. Not to mention as more banks tighten their credit policies, it’s becoming even more difficult to find a reliable banking home and maintain one.

Put your fears to rest. We here at have been helping businesses like yours find trustworthy banking relationships for well over 15 years. We can not only find you a stable merchant account, we also have a cutting edge gateway on standby ready to processing your transactions.  In addition, our fraud prevention team uses industry leading algorithms to monitor your transactions on the front end of the process and chargeback alerts to clean up any threats to your merchant account on the back end.  So you’re covered from all angles!

Our aim is to cover every aspect of your merchant account and payment processing needs so that you don’t ever have to worry about your ecommerce.  Imagine having the freedom to focus on just growing your business.  That is the peace of mind we provide.

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Full-Service Provider for Collections Agencies offers a full suite of online payment processing solutions designed to maximize revenues for your business. We are high-risk experts, and are eager to impress you with the best service in the industry. Contact us today!